Worldwide Disaster

During the devastating earthquake in Armenia in 1988, the Armenian Relief Society immediately became an active player in the international disaster relief efforts that poured in from around the world, in conjunction with financially assisting countries and the International Red Cross.

During the last 20 years, the ARS with all its entities has responded effectively to:

  • Earthquakes in California, Chile, Iran, and Nepal.
  • Tsunamis in Thailand and Japan.
  • Hurricanes in South Africa, Haiti, New Orleans, and the Philippines.
  • the 9/11 attacks in New York. The ARS through the Red Cross has raised funds for families that lost loved ones.

The ARS has played an active role in providing relief aid in war torn countries, such as Lebanon and Iraq. From the very start of the Syrian crisis, the ARS made the needs of the Syrian-Armenian community the focal point of its priorities. The ARS provides the maximum possible assistance with utmost urgency. ARS programs such as the “Assistance to Syrian-Armenian Schools”, “Hot Meal” and “Warm House” have provided and continue to provide financial assistance to schools and needy families in Syria. More than $500,000USD has been allotted to Syrian aid.