ARS “Soseh” Kindergartens


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Established in 1998, the first “Soseh” Kindergarten opened its doors in Stepanakert for the children of soldiers of the Artsakh war. ARS expanded the “Soseh” kindergartens program into the villages of Artsakh; Metz Tagher,  Ashan, Akanberd, Shoushi, Togh, Qaregah, and Khndzrisdan. Soon, “Soseh” kindergartens started operating in Bulgaria in the cities of Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas and Rousseh.

Today, there are over 400 children who attend “Soseh” kindergartens, both in Artsakh and Bulgaria, where the children learn and play in a happy and safe environment. Since 1998, over 2,300 children have enjoyed the warmth and nurturing care of these kindergartens.

To date, the ARS has allocated over $2,000,000USD to the “Soseh” kindergarten program.

Seventeen years later, the ARS “Soseh” kindergartens remain a positive presence in the lives of Artsakh’s children and their families. These kindergartens instill not only the basics of an Armenian education during these children’s earliest formative years, they also provide them safe, lively and caring surroundings, nurturing and preparing them for a healthy and productive future.

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