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The “Amanor” program was established in 2000. Over $200,00USD has been allocated to this program in Lebanon, Syria, Armenia, Artsakh, Javakhk, Bulgaria, and South America. Through the “Amanor” program, Christmas and New Year celebrations are organized and gifts are distributed to seniors and needy children.

The following organizations receive funds from this program: The “Birds’ Nest” of Lebanon, The Armenian Home of the Aged, the “Zvartnots” School for Afflicted Children, the “Badsbaran” and the Senior Home of Syria, the Artsakh “Soseh” Kindergartens, Children’s Homes of Armenia on the receiving list of the ARS “One-Day’s Food” program, children in Javakhk considered needy by the local ARS, “Soseh” Kindergartens of Bulgaria, and the two ARS Senior Homes of South America.
In the last two years, the ARS Canada has been allocating additional funds to the “Amanor” program to provide jackets and sweaters to  students of Armenian Schools in Syria as a New Year present.