The ARS 71st International Convention Convened in Yerevan, Armenia

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ARS, Inc. chair Vicky Marachelian delivering her speech.

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ARS Armenia representative Jenik Barsamyan during her welcoming remarks.

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RoA’s Ministry of Diaspora  and ARS chair signing the formal agreement of cooperation.

Officials and representatives of Armenian organizations.

Officials and representatives of Armenian organizations.









The official opening of the 71st International Convention of the Armenian Relief Society (ARS, Inc.) took place on October 4, 2015 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Yerevan, Armenia. Several officials were present, including the Republic of Armenia’s (RoA) Minister of the Diaspora, representatives of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Bureau and sister organizations, the director of the European Armenian Federation for Justice and Democracy (EAFJD), and ARS supporters, convention delegates and observers.

Remarks were offered by ARS, Inc. Chair, Vicky Marachelian; ARF Bureau member, Hagop DerKhatchadourian; RoA’s Minister of the Diaspora, Hranoush Hagopyan; and representative of ARS Armenia, Jenik Barsamyan.
During the official opening, a formal agreement of cooperation with regards to cultural, educational, and social projects was signed between the Ministry of the Diaspora and the Armenian Relief Society.

The ARS “Ararat” Award of Excellence was bestowed upon Dr. Eleni Theocharous, member of the European Parliament and head of the EU-Armenia group, in appreciation of her voluntary humanitarian and medical assistance during the Artsakh conflict. Currently, Dr. Theocharous continues her dedicated work on a political level while promoting and supporting the Armenian cause at the European Parliament. As a result of her diligent efforts, Dr. Theocharous has also received awards from the Artsakh authorities, the President of the Republic of Armenia, and the Armenian Parliament. In the absence of Dr. Theocharous, the award was presented to the EAFJD Director, Kaspar Garabedian. In her video message presented to the audience, Dr. Theocharous said “The struggle of the Armenians for their nation, their religion, their freedom… their self-determination is great and continues. In this struggle I am an Armenian as well. We are all Armenians… I feel the need to congratulate the ARS in the organization of such important activities. I feel deeply moved and grateful and I want to thank you for remembering, recognizing, and honoring my work with such a prestigious award, but mostly for not forgetting those who adore Armenia”.

The “Ararat” Award of Excellence was established in 2003. It is granted to individuals in recognition of their outstanding commitment to humanitarian endeavors and in deep gratitude for their unsolicited and meritorious service to the Armenian people.

The ARS, Inc. 71st International Convention is taking place from October 4-9 in Yerevan, Armenia. Attending the meeting are delegates elected from 28 regions, as well as observers, invitees, and representatives of sister organizations.


ARS, Inc.’s Statement on the Armenian Genocide Centennial

In spite of the devastation and the destruction of the daily life of entire Armenian populations, today thriving Armenian communities around the globe prove the failure of the perpetrators.

They do this with their countless establishments – schools, churches, community centers – built and maintained through their undaunted will to survive, thus defeating the genocidal attempt to wipe out Armenians forever, along with their history and millennial homeland.

Today, after surviving the hellish crucible of Der Zor, our decimated masses, as an integral part of our nation and living hand in hand with their families under the free skies of an independent Armenian Homeland, have entered a new era of political renaissance.

Today, as participants in the evolving international scene, we have proven once more the reality of possibilities ahead of us. As a cultural and political force commemorating the Genocide fifty years ago, we turned the corner by leaving behind emotional rituals to adopt a political and diplomatic approach, opening new avenues for the prosecution of our sacred Cause, leading our united people not to just remember, but to demand, as one Nation.

Thus, we clearly and strongly demand all our rights, in order to bring our just Cause to its final resolution, regardless of the present stubbornly denialist stand of Turkey and its sundry allies.

Again, as a united force, it is our sacred duty to continue stating our demands, remaining true to our struggle in the name of our countless martyrs and their cruelly interrupted dreams of justice.



Mr. and Mrs. Harout and Vicky Marachelian Donate $50,000 to the Armenian Relief Society

The Central Executive Board of the Armenian Relief Society is pleased to announce, with gratitude, the generous donation of Mr. and Mrs. Harout and Vicky Marachelian, of California, USA, in the amount of $50,000US to the ARS.

In keeping with the wishes of the benefactors, this sum will be equally allotted to two purposes: the renovation expenses of the ARS “Soseh” Kindergarten in Stepanakert, Artsakh, and the expenses incurred by the current activities of the ARS International Office, including the exhibit of Armenian textiles held at the United Nations in New York City as part of the ARS’ Armenian Genocide Centennial Commemoration. Upon this historic occasion, benefactor and Chairperson of the ARS Central Executive Board, Mrs. Vicky Marachelian stated the following: ­

The role played by the centenarian Armenian Relief Society over the past momentous decades of Armenian history is well known by everyone. Today, as in previous years, the Society continues its humanitarian and compatriotic activities in Armenian reality worldwide. In view of the basic educational endeavors of the ARS “Soseh” Kindergartens, providing young generations with essential knowledge of their ethnic culture, we are aware of the necessity of both moral and financial assistance to sustain their sacred mission. Confronted by this reality, this sum will be used for the basic needs of this, and similar, ARS programs.”

As a sign of gratitude for this substantial donation of the benefactor couple, the ARS Central Executive Board has decided to officially name and dedicate its Boston Central Office board room after “Mr. and Mrs. Harout and Vicky Marachelian”.

Needless to say, the world-wide humanitarian projects and programs of the 105-year-old Armenian Relief Society would not have been possible to implement without the supportive generosity of its benefactors and countless supporters.