Central Executive Board

The Armenian Relief Society, Inc. Central Executive Board (ARS, Inc. CEB) is the permanent organ of liaison and coordination among the ARS Regions and at-large Chapters; it also assists them in their organizational activities.

The ARS, Inc. CEB is elected for a four year term during the Society’s International Convention (three year term before 2011). In keeping with its international status and scope of activities, the Armenian Relief Society, Inc. tries, within its present structural periphery, to have as wide a geographical representation on its Central Executive Board as possible.

The International Convention, which convenes once every four years (three years before 2011), is the general assembly of all ARS entities that participate by sending duly elected delegates.

The International Convention is the highest deliberative, legislative and policy-making body of the Armenian Relief Society; as such, it:
Receives, examines and evaluates the reports of the Central Executive Board,
– Determines guidelines and formulates programs of international nature,
– Prepares and approves the triennial budget, and
– Elects the new Central Executive Board

The ARS 70-th International Convention, held in Athens, Greece in October 2011 modified the organization’s Bylaws to raise the Central Executive Board’s term to four years instead of three and elected the following ARS members to the Board:


  • Vicky Marachelian (USA), Chairperson
  • Nairy Shahinian (Canada), Vice-Chairperson
  • Pauline Getzoyan (USA), Secretary
  • Caroline Chamavonian (USA), Treasurer


  • Rosie Bedrossian (USA)
  • Annie Kechichian (USA)
  • Sonia Akellian (USA)
  • Nairy Shahinian (Canada)
  • Lisa Avakian (Europe)
  • Zepure E. Reisian (Middle East)
  • Graciela Kevorkian (South America)
  • Alesya Bejanyan (Armenia)